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Heston Blumenthal doesn’t put his name to anything less than perfection, and the combination of his attention to detail with Sage’s design know-how means that, with their range of innovative stainless steel appliances, perfection is possible. Their high spec appliances are very simple to use with straightforward controls and are incredibly impressive in action.

Sage and Heston think outside the box, so it’s no surprise that the Custom Loaf Pro has some very special features. It does all the things you’d expect a bread maker to do, but one of the things we love is the clever fold-flat paddle which stands up for mixing and kneading but lies down for baking so there’s only a very shallow dent in the bottom of your loaf – if you’ve ever used a bread maker before and found the big hole in your loaf, you’ll know this is a really impressive feature. Another major advantage is that you can choose from four different loaf sizes, from a 500g loaf for days when there’s just one or two for lunch, to a whopping 1.25kg family loaf – it will even make a tear and share loaf with just a little help from you.

This impressive bread maker has a super-simple control panel with an easy-read digital display that lets you scroll through the settings, crust colours and loaf sizes to find the right option for your recipe, and the intuitive ‘turn and confirm’ dial makes it really easy to get started. There are 14 settings – from gluten-free or yeast-free to crusty loaf and jam, and you can even store your own recipes for future baking sessions.

With the rapid-bake option, fresh bread can be yours in less than 2 hours and if your family loves to wake to the smell of freshly-baked bread, you can set the 13 hour delay start timer ready for breakfast. There’s an automatic fruit and nut dispenser, three crust colour options, a ‘bake and watch’ light so you can check progress through the viewing window and the pause function allows you to get creative by shaping rolls, swirls, plaits or adding decorative glazes.

Includes a fixed paddle for jam-making and a simple manual full of hints and tips. Makes 500g, 750g, 1kg and 1.25kg loaves.

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