Breville Bread Maker: The Most Advanced Bread Machine Yet (BBM800XL)

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The Breville Custom Loaf Bread Maker is the most advanced bread maker. Make delicious bread every night of the week, and mix your favorite ingredients for your own custom artisan bread.

The new Breville Custom Loaf bread maker will take all the guessing work out of baking fresh hot loaves of bread. Once you make your selection of the type of bread you would like to bake, the Custom Loaf bread maker will compute the temperature and baking time. The Turn & Confirm dial will get you started on any recipe in seconds. You can also select what time you would like to have the bread ready. Simply choose the type of bread, get the ingredients ready & follow the recipe with placing the ingredients into the bread machine, choose the size loaf, choose the type of crust you prefer, set the machine and you are done. Features include: a backlit LCD screen, 13 automatic settings with 3 crust color options, 9 custom settings to store your favorite recipes, pause function to hand-shape decorative crusts, 13-hour delay start timer, weight/temperature conversion button, viewing window with light to watch the progress, 46 step by step recipes, and automatic fruit & nut dispenser that will release the ingredients at the correct time. A collapsible paddle & fixed paddle are included.

• 830 watts; LCD screen displaying 13 automatic settings, 3 crust color options, 4 loaf sizes, 9 custom settings
• Makes loaf size of 1lb, 1.5lb, 2.0lb, & 2.5lb
• Backlit LCD with progress indicator, pause function for hand-shaping decorative crusts
• 13-hour delay start timer, sound alert, viewing light to see progress
• 46 step by step recipes of basic, whole wheat, gluten free, yeast free, dough, jam crusty loaf & custom recipe chart
• Includes: collapsible paddle for making bread & dough settings and a fixed paddle for jam

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