Bread making at home with a Bread Machine (Kenwood BM260 breadmaker)

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Making bread at home is so easy and yet so satisfying. Using a bread machine takes all the hard work out of the task.

We use a Kenwood BM260 breadmaker and it works perfectly every time. It’s given us years of reliable service.
Baking bread is probably one of the oldest forms of cooking known.

Every country in the world have their own wide variety and forms of bread. We have used the bread maker to make all sorts of breads including brioche, baguettes and Pizza bases.

I have tried many breads on my travels but none compare to freshly baked bread in your own home. The smell of freshly made bread is one of the great simple joys of life.

If you liked this video let me know in the comments and I’ll make some other types of bread from around the world.

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