Why Use A Breadmaker?

For many people the delight of making bread consists of three elements, the hands-on experience, the smell of new bread wafting around the house, and the delight on people’s faces when they walk in the kitchen and see a tray of newly baked delights.

So why am I promoting bread-makers when certainly the first of the above pleasures is removed – the machine does all of the mixing and kneading? Well, it’s partly pragmatic since I found, as a rheumatoid disease* developed, that bashing dough was less enjoyable, and partly it’s the time factor. When I tried my first bread-maker I discovered that I could experiment with a different recipe every few days, and knock up a loaf of bread in a very short space of time. And you can always set the machine to stop after the first proving and have some fun plaiting loaves or adding seeds to the top of a batch of bread rolls.

The wonderful aroma and appreciative looks don’t change and you can still bask in the pride of knowing you have produced something special – even if it only lasts for an hour!

Have a wander through our shop and look at all the wonderful bread-makers that are now available. In my opinion the price of these machines have gone down in the last five years (or perhaps just not risen in keeping with the cost of living). Just think, how many loaves of sliced plastic bread does it take to buy even a top-of-the-range version? So stop eating the shop bread, make your own more cheaply using healthier and better quality ingredients. What’s not to like?

*please contact me any other Sjogren’s suffers out there

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